Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council seeks to advise the pastor and assists him in fulfilling the parish mission statement:

"As a people of God, under the guidance of the Roman Catholic Church and the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, we seek to proclaim the Good News of Jesus christ through Worship, Service, Education and Living the values of Christ in the community."

The Pastoral Council meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month. The members are selected in the tradition of the selection of the apostle Matthias.  Nomination of parishioners is open and selection is made through prayer and drawing of lots. Nine at large members with terms of three years (renewable once) are staggered so that three members are selected each year.  The Pastor may appoint up to three members to assure full representation of the parish membership.  The pastor and deacons are ex-officio members.

Any parishioner is invited to submit items for the good of the parish to be discussed by the Pastoral Council.

Pastoral Council Members

Erik Woehrmann, Chairperson

Joe Kohlrus, Vice chair

Jasper & Kelly Capriotti

Peggy Cochran

Sue Martyn

Kellie Brewer

Mary Bruno

Ex Officio Members

Rev. Charles Edwards, Pastor

Deacon Tom Walker

Deacon Ray Roth

Beth Auxier, Recording Secretary